Introduce attractive commodities to Japanese market.

Find interesting products developed and produced in overseas,
and introduce and link to Japanese market.

Our Services


Introduce "hi-technical" and "fashionable" products that are made in overseas. 

Produce and Sell our original products.

We produce and sell our original products on maternity, health categories.
For more detail, please inquire.


Introduce "high-quality" and "Japanese cultural" products that are made in Japan to overseas.

Our Business

Nowadays, people can buy many products across the country through the internet.
However, the distributing amounts are still part of iceberg.
There are more plenty of interesting and attractive products all over the world.

We would like to support to connect Japanese market and your country
including PR, language support, and other procedures
for your success to entry to Japanese market and your profit.


We will help you if you would like to introduce your attractive products to Japan.
Please feel free to ask us.